FLAGFA Membership Page

Membership in FLAGFA has many benefits for all  four of our member categories.  

  • Meetings twice/year including a vendor exhibition.

  • Scholarships for technical growth.

  • Consulting Services for local governments in Florida.

  • Video and Film Library for training.

  • Sponsors of on-site technical training throughout the state.

  • Networking resources for regular and associate members.

  • Publishers of "How to Stay Competitive in the Privatization Arena"

FLAGFA Code of Ethics (PDF format 17Kb)

FLAGFA Bylaws (PDF format 28Kb)

Membership Online Application

The four categories of membership are:

1.Regular membership in the Association shall be restricted to those persons who are employees of governmental agencies or institutions, whose primary responsibilities include the administration and/or management of fleet operations.

2.Associate membership in the Association shall be restricted to those persons who are employees of governmental agencies or institutions, whose responsibilities are directly related to and/or support fleet operations.

3.Affiliate membership shall be afforded to those who wish to otherwise support the Association. An Affiliate member will not be allowed to nominate, vote, or hold office. An Affiliate member shall not promote, schedule or conduct any activity on behalf of, or in the name of, the Association unless approved by the Executive Committee with the support of the general membership.

4.Honorary membership shall be made available to Regular, Associate, and Affiliate members who retire in good standing. A completed Nomination form shall be submitted to the Secretary who will forward it to the Executive Committee for their review and recommendations. The recommendation will be submitted to the general membership for a vote at the next regular business meeting.

Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Treasurer, or alternately to the Secretary if necessary. The Executive Committee shall review the application and assign the appropriate membership category. The applicant shall be notified in writing as the status of the application and the category in which he/she is assigned.

Brianne Hayes
Fleet Operations Manager
Sarasota County
4310 Ashton Road
Sarasota, FL 34233
Cell Phone: 941.650.2772
Work Phone: 941.861.9514
Bryan Lucas
Fleet Manager
Orange County
4400 S. Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32811
Work Phone: 407.836.8202

Due January Each Year

Regular/Associate Members
(Government Employees)

New Regular Membership
$50.00 per person

New Associate Membership
$50.00 per person

Renewal Regular Membership
$50.00 per person

Renewal Associate Membership
$50.00 per person

Affiliate Members
(Vendors-Support Services)

New Affiliate Membership
$80.00 per person

Renewal Affiliate Membership
$80.00 per person